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Here you will find the latest musings on everything from best practices for processing email to project planning and hacks for getting things done.
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The Art of Articulating Outcomes

You have no idea how much clarity you need to get things done. I know this because I have watched how articulating outcomes has evolved for me over the last six years, and I hope [...]

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Yellow Belt Productivity

We’ve already addressed White Belt productivity. In the early days of learning the Getting Things Done® workflow, one starts out learning the basic habits of emptying one’s head whenever there is a new thought or [...]

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What is GTD®?

GTD® is an acronym for "Getting Things Done." The term was coined and written about by David Allen, whose book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity describes the productivity workflow and habits that [...]

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White Belt Productivity

This is the first of ten posts in our "Productivity Belts" series. Those familiar with David Allen and his books on productivity know that part of the inspiration for his approach comes from his years [...]

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Getting Reading Done

How is it going with getting reading done? Not good? One reason may be your reading tasks are actually projects-in-hiding, and therefore need to be broken down into smaller pieces. I've noticed, for example, that it's [...]

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All-Out War On Email Programs

There should be an all-out war on email programs. As somebody who likes to be as productive as possible, email programs just aren't measuring up. And I'm not the only one who thinks this. Frustrations [...]