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Here you will find the latest musings on everything from best practices for processing email to project planning and hacks for getting things done.

Doing the Daily Review

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Changing Preferences

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AutoFile Prefixes

Want to process your Ready-Set-Do! Inbox even faster? Check out this excellent tutorial on how to create autofile prefixes to do just that. Over time you'll notice you tend to collect ideas, notes, and files in [...]

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Ready-Set-Do! & TaskPaper Unite

Ready-Set-Do! just released a new version that now syncs with TaskPaper on your iOS devices. Why the choice of TaskPaper? The reason is simple: Simplicity. TaskPaper has a clean interface and all of the basic [...]

  • University of Toronto Arches

The Unique Difficulties of Getting Things Done as An Academic

1. Academics Tend to Overestimate One-Step Actionables Those who live and breathe and move in an academic environment are so used to doing the things they have to do everyday (e.g., writing papers, reading books, [...]

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Pruning Your System

1. Prune Your Inputs Get a secretary/assistant to filter the things you want to see and limit the things you don't want to see Find a way to get less junk mail Eliminate all unnecessary [...]

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