Ready-Set-Do! just released a new version that now syncs with TaskPaper on your iOS devices. Why the choice of TaskPaper? The reason is simple: Simplicity. TaskPaper has a clean interface and all of the basic functionality portable users need to make and modify their tasks. Here’s how to setup Taskpaper to sync with your RSD system:

1. Sign up for a Dropbox account if you don’t already have one.

2. Launch TaskPaper on your iPhone/iPad. (If you don’t own TaskPaper, go ahead and purchase TaskPaper from the App Store on your iPhone/iPad). Note: You do not need to purchase the Mac version of TaskPaper in order for RSD to interact with it.

3. Tap the sprocket in the left corner to access the Settings for TaskPaper.

4. Tap “Dropbox.”

5. Then tap “Link to Dropbox Account.”

6. Type in your login information to link to your Dropbox and tap “Link” in upper right corner.

TaskPaper is now setup to save new files to your Dropbox/Taskpaper folder.

7. From your computer, now navigate to Ready-Set-Do! –> 9. Make Action Lists –> Sync TaskPaper and launch the Sync TaskPaper script.

8. Wait a few minutes as RSD now syncs your entire inventory with your TaskPaper app.

9. Now open TaskPaper on your iPhone / iPad and check out some of what’s there.

You will notice two folders: _Contexts and _People

  • Contexts: Contains a document for each of your location contexts. I’ve found that this is much, much faster than using one giant TaskPaper document.
  • People: Contains a document for each of the people you have agendas for (e.g., any “Waiting for John Doe to …” or “@ Agendas (First Last): Next action” items).

You can now modify the next actions on TaskPaper, make new Taskpaper documents in these two folders, etc. and RSD will now sync them with your computer. Any time you have a new thought or idea you want to capture, you can simply jot it down in *ANY* Taskpaper document you have open on your iPhone/iPad. Next time the Sync Taskpaper script is run your new idea will automatically show up in your RSD Inbox for processing. If you specify the next action after the pipeline character “|”, it will show up in your Actionable folder.

I hope you enjoy this new functionality of Ready-Set-Do! and please feel free to send along any suggestions or ideas for improvement.