“Ready-Set-Do! is absolutely the most effective GTD® approach out there. Your software let me get my research ethics program at the organization I worked for accredited, which led directly to my current job!”
Robert Hood
“RSD is brilliant! I can’t believe how many programs I tried before arriving here. Thanks so much.”
Rebecca Marston
“I still am very much in thrall to your software (which should get wider promotion as the most faithful, logical and comprehensive GTD® application).”
“I manage and or work with 22 offices throughout the Middle East, Asia, Australia & New Zealand and am very happy with your Ready-Set-Do! scripts and have told many people about them. “Happy” is probably a little too passé of a word to use… let’s try Impressed or Elated even Exultant! In fact they have made such an impact on my day-to-day life they actually saved my marriage and helped me sleep at night. I now have more time to relax and don’t have to worry or stress about forgetting things to do anymore.”
Shayne Thomas
“This scripting set is unbelievably wonderful! I can’t even tell you what a difference it’s made in my first day of using it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Karekin Yarian
“I went out and bought David Allen’s book – I’m telling you, what you’ve got here is FANTASTIC. If you ever need beta help or feedback, please let me know. The applescripts are changing what I do! No joke, this is so wild. I’m still learning a lot, and it is slow and thus takes me a lot of time – but I am growing and getting better at it! I can feel it beginning to kick in, albeit slowly. I hope you figure out a way to get him on board with this…I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Scott Morris
“RSD is a brilliant concept. It is the only GTD® system that works for me after a year of trying a number of approaches including iGTD, Inbox, Backpack, Easy Task Manager, Ghost Action, Kinkless, Omnifocus alpha, Task Timer, Thinking Rock, Toodledoo, Daylite, Entourage, and others I don’t even remember. I like using the OS capabilities and not leaving my information hostage. Entourage was a near-disaster in that respect. Some may find RSD a little difficult to master and I think it will take me a little while to get things truly under control, but I can see that the effort should be worth it.”
Ron Rakich
“…your version of GTD® is far, and I mean FAR, superior to anything else on the market. I’ve looked at versions for the pc and mac, and nothing comes close to Ready-Set-Do!.”
“It’s only been 48 hours since I installed RSD, bought it, and worked with your scripts. But it has already helped me every minute to do my tasks. Although I was at first highly skeptical relying only on scripts, I learned that this method grants freedom not to be forced to use a special application but to use all my own applications I am using every day. Second, your holistic approach guides me in a way, I am _really_ getting my head empty… Thank you for your fine programming!”
Ricklef Münnich
“…when I came across Ready-Set-Do! it had been some time since I read the book [Getting Things Done] and I was in pure procrastination-mode about GTD®, but I was always meaning to go back to it because I liked the ideas. So your video/audio Quickstart Guide was a fantastic help to me beginning to use GTD® and understanding the system in a practical useful way! I LOVE the Empty your head script ! I spent over a day just emptying my head while watching the video. Something so simple, yet so powerful. I immediately had fun doing a number of actionables. Less stress. A month later I am still using it and can’t imagine anything else matching this on my mac. It’s simple. Though admittedly I am not fully using it yet for Projects – that I am still getting a feel for in the GTD®-style. But I am moving on that too! I am definitely committed to this.”
Craig Hocker, Ph.D.

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