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Download RSD Quicksilver Action

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Getting Clear on Projects (More Clarity)

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Getting Clear on Projects (More Action)

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Getting Some Reading Done

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Changing Preferences

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AutoFile Prefixes

Want to process your Ready-Set-Do! Inbox even faster? Check out this excellent tutorial on how to create autofile prefixes to do just that. Over time you'll notice you tend to collect ideas, notes, and files in "clusters." They could be connected with an urgent project you find yourself thinking about a lot. It could be email [...]

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Ready-Set-Do! & TaskPaper Unite

Ready-Set-Do! just released a new version that now syncs with TaskPaper on your iOS devices. Why the choice of TaskPaper? The reason is simple: Simplicity. TaskPaper has a clean interface and all of the basic functionality portable users need to make and modify their tasks. Here's how to setup Taskpaper to sync with your RSD [...]

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Why It’s NOT Getting Done

Here are some reasons why you may not be getting things done. Take a project or task you have that you haven't completed yet and read through the list below until you find the most likely reason for it. Using the number(s) to the right of that reason, scroll down and see which Ready-Set-Do! script [...]

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